Error Message: "Your login session has timed out. Please restart your client"

GM Lexiron -

Our team is currently aware of an issue that can affect players when attempting to log in:


If you receive this error message, you may wish to ensure that your account is not already logged in.

1. Double-check to ensure that you aren't logged in on another device (such as a work PC, etc.)
2. Double-check your account credentials to ensure that an unauthorized user is not logging in to your account.

If you have checked and are sure that the account is not already logged in, please check to see if you are able to log in to a different regional server. If you are able to log in to a different regional server, you may be experiencing a known issue wherein your account appears to be logged in even when it is not. This has been colloquially referred to as a 'ghost login' by other users that have experienced the issue.

The issue should resolve itself on its own after a short period of time. However, if it does not resolve itself in a timely manner, please feel free to Submit a Request to our Customer Support team so that we may manually resolve it for you.

In order to expedite your request, please submit your ticket under the Gameplay → Other category, and title your ticket with 'Ghost Login Disconnect Request'. Be sure to include your character name and the server that you are having difficulty accessing.

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