How does a Glamour Anvil work?

Lead GM Cicada -

Glamour anvils are obtained from the Style Coin Shop, and can be used to create an Outfit item with the appearance of the item it was used on.

Only items that have available Glamour Forges can have a Glamour Anvil used. Remaining Glamour Forges are listed at the bottom of the item's details.

Double-click on the Glamour Anvil to open the Glamour Forging window. Place the Gear item that you want to create an outfit of and click Forge.

The newly created Outfit item will be placed into an available Outfit inventory slot.

Note: When using a Glamour Anvil on a weapon, its weapon properties will not be modified. The Weapon Requirement listed on your skills will need to match your Outfit item in order to be used.

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