I received my log-in reward on the wrong character.

GM Mewlynne -

Please view the original event post for the Holiday Bonus Giveaway! Event Duration: End of Maintenance, Wednesday, Dec. 19th - 12:00 AM UTC, Tuesday, Jan. 1st

MapleStory 2 has various log-in rewards and events! Please be sure to keep updated on the current events on the main MapleStory 2 website for information about these rewards.

As each event has specific guidelines, please read through the specific information for each event to learn more about the item type(s), trade-ability between characters, or if the item is character bound. 

  • Items with the tags,  "Untradable, Unsellable" Can be traded within the account.

If an item can be traded between characters on the account, you can place the item into the Goldus Storage Bank, which can be accessed by all of your characters through any Bank NPC or through the in-game House! 

  • Items with the tag, "Bound to Character-Name" Cannot be traded within the account.

If an item is character bound, this item can only be used on the character who has received it during the event. These items cannot be transferred between characters on the account.

Unfortunately, we will be unable to process any transfer of log-in reward items to another character. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please make sure to log in to the character you would like the reward on! 

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