Using Level 50 Potion Caused Character to get Stuck in Tutorial/Prologue

GM Sqoups -

We are aware of an issue with the Level 50 Potion obtained from this event where a character can get stuck when the potion is consumed during the tutorial/prologue. We have created steps to help you get out of the area.

How to escape Prologue/Tutorial area:

  1. Accept the Sky Fortress quest, “After the Attack in Tria” quest.  It opens a 5 minute portal that leads to Kerning Interchange.
  2. Accept the "Santa or Savior" Event quest which will auto teleport you to Merry Village.
  3. If you have Rotors Air Taxi item in your bank OR if you have received the 1st Daily Login reward from the Mail (the Rotors Air Taxi coupon), you can use it to teleport out of the map.

If you are still having issues moving to a new map, please send us a support ticket with your character name and server. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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