How do I link my Nexon account to Steam?

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Steam is a platform that allows you to play and launch your games all in one place! You can launch Nexon games using the Nexon Launcher and Steam.

In order to play using Steam, you must link your account to Steam. If you already have an existing Nexon account that has all of your characters on it, you can easily link your account to Steam in order to launch and play Nexon games through Steam!

If you do not have a Nexon account, you can create a new one through Steam, the Nexon Launcher, or the main Nexon website.

Below are the current steps you'll need to take to link an existing Nexon account to Steam.

How to link an account to Steam

  1. You must have a Steam account and have the Steam client downloaded. Please see more here:
  2. Log in to your Steam account.
  3. Download the Nexon game you wish to play through Steam!
  4. On the Game Page for the game you wish to play, click "Play".


  5. A window prompt will pop up with the game's End User License Agreement. 


  6. Once agreed, another window will prompt you to input your email address.
    • You must input the email address that is tied to your current Nexon account in order to link it to Steam.
    • The email address that you input for your Nexon account must not be linked to an existing Steam account. 


  7. Click Save and Continue.
  8. You will be prompted to first verify before linking your existing Nexon account to Steam. You can still log in to all Nexon websites normally even after linking the account.


  9. An email will be sent to the email you've provided in step 6 with the verification code. Verification codes will be valid for 5 minutes.


  10. Input the verification code into the "Enter verification code" box, or click "Resend" if you did not receive the email or the code has expired.
  11. Click Verify.


  12. And you're done! The game will now launch automatically when you decide to play. You will not have to sign in again. 

If you are receiving any errors when trying to link the account, please contact player support, or view related articles: I'm receiving the Error Code 2024/1901, 1902, or 1903. What do I do?

If you wish to unlink your account, you must contact player support for further assistance. Please see here: How do I unlink my account from Steam?

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