How can I report Stolen UGC?

GM Mewlynne -

There are many functions in-game that can be utilized for reporting UGC. Please see here for more information: How do I report UGC that violates the policy?

However, if you have reason to believe another Mapler is plagiarizing your design, please send a ticket through the support portal with the following information:

Ticket Title: [Stolen UGC Report] Reported_Character_Name 

  • Your Character Name and Server
  • Your Name of the UGC item or UGC type
  • Reported Character Name and Server
  • Reported Name of the UGC item or UGC type
  • Brief explanation and/or images of your design and the reported design
  • Include any supporting evidence labeling the design as yours (images, original PSD, time you posted the design in-game, web links where you had posted the design, etc.)

An agent will review the report and determine the appropriate actions. Please keep in mind the rules for UGC. The current UGC policy can be found within MapleStory 2; on the MapleStory 2 support website; and in the Nexon’s Terms of Use and UGC Policy.


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