[UPDATED 10/11/18] I'm getting an "Account Blocked" error when logging in through Steam.

GM Mewlynne -

[RESOLVED] -- Update 10/11/18 --
A fix has been deployed for this error message. If you were experiencing the issue, please try launching the game again and see if you are still experiencing the issue. You may need to restart Steam. If you're still experiencing the issue, please provide the information requested on this article below and submit a ticket.


Hello Mapler,

Our team is aware of an issue that may occur when logging in to MapleStory 2 using Steam.

You may be prompted with the below message: 


This error message means you will need to verify your account as it has been inactive for some time, or the email address needs to be verified. 

In order to assist you with this issue, Please submit a ticket and provide us with your Steam User Profile ID so we may locate your account:

**If you cannot access your Nexon account on the main Nexon website, please create an alternate account in order to submit a ticket about the affected account.

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