What should I do if I encounter the Error Code 10053?

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Here are common causes of encountering 10053 and the best ways to diagnose the problem:

  1. Are you running the game as Administrator?
  2. Are you using WIFI?
  3. Is DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) enabled?
  4. Has Windows Firewall been restored to default?
  5. Is your computer’s local time in sync?
  6. Do you use WINDOWS 10?
  7. Have you experienced similar symptom on other games or applications?


It’s simple but sometimes it’s simple solution that solves the problem. Make sure you are running the game as an administrator. In order to do this, 

  • Locate where the game is installed.
  • Right click on Maplestory2.exe file.
  • Click on “Properties”
  • On Compatibility tab, under “Privilege Level”, check “Run this program as administrator” and press OK
  • Restart the game and see if the problem is resolved.


If you are using WIFI, internet connection or router settings could cause unstable connection in some cases. To evaluate if this is the case, 

  • Please use wired internet connection if possible and see if problem is resolved.
  • Please use different internet source, preferably from different location.
  • If you have any other PC sharing same WIFI or Router, please check if the game is having same issues on that PC as well.
  • Please try connecting to your wifi using a 2.4GHz connection instead of a 5.0GHz connection
  • If Error:10053 isn’t occurring, please skip DHCP section.
  • Please check if your internet setting is using DHCP. To check, please follow below steps
  • Initiate “Run” (Window Key + R)
  • Type in “CMD” and press OK 
  • Within command prompt, type in “ipconfig /all” and press Enter
  • Observe under “Local Area Connection” if the “DHCP Enabled” setting is listed as “Yes”.
  • If “Yes”, please go to DHCP section below


  • If your internet connection is using DHCP, when IP changes, a disconnection can occur.
  • To reduce this from occurring, you could check your router setting to extend DHCP Lease Time to longer duration (i.e. 7 days).
  • Please refer to this guide[mywindowshub.com] for instruction but also note that each router may have different method of accessing this menu.
  • After DHCP lease time has been changed, repeat 1) Window Key + R 2) CMD and OK 3) ipconfig /all and enter 4) Check “Local Area Connection” and see if “Lease Obtained”, “Lease Expire” matches what you’ve set.
  • If above is correct, try playing the game and see if you observe the issue.


If after performing the DHCP changes, you are still experiencing a 10053/10051 disconnection issue, it’s also possible to attempt Firewall Reset. Please note that if you’ve set Windows Firewall with specific settings for different purposes, this step will reset your settings to default and therefore is not recommended.

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Open Network and Sharing Center
  • Locate Windows Firewall option (usually inn the bottom-left)
  • Press “Restore Default”

[Time out of sync]

Having the time out of sync between your computer and our servers could result in this error.

  • One way to do this is to manually ensure that local time is set correctly down to the second. You can do this by accessing “Date and Time” from the “Time and Language” menu in the Control Panel.
  • Another way to do this is to set the time to auto correct based on online servers. This can be set by activating “Set Time Automatically” in the “Date and Time” menu.

[Windows 10]

There are a few cases with Windows 10 we can examine:

  • Sometimes, the “fast startup” setting could result in time being off sync between local machine and online. This can cause the “Time out of sync” issue as mentioned above. To reduce this error, you could attempt disabling this option to see if the problem resolves (requires reboot)
  • Initiate “Run” (Window Key + R)
  • Type in “powercfg -h off”
  • Reboot the computer
  • Try playing the game and see if you observe the issue.


  • ESENT EventID 916: When disconnection happens, please do following steps to see if you find the error log.
  • Right click Start Menu (Windows Icon) to find Event Viewer
  • Under Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> Application, see if you have ESENT Event ID 916 log.
  • If you are observing this error on Windows 10, unfortunately there’s no known solution to resolve this other than reinstalling Windows. While this error may not cause any issue for normal windows operation, this will likely cause disconnection for Maplestory 2 among other online games.

[Similar Case]

If you’ve experienced similar symptoms from other applications or games, this may be due to unstable internet connection. While the game should accommodate for short disconnections, if it’s occurring often, the game can result in 10053 error. One of the quickest way to check this is by checking logs. Here’s how.

  • For Windows 8 ~ 10: Right click Start Menu (Windows Icon) to find Event Viewer
  • For Windows 7: Right click on Computer in start menu and find “Manage”
  • Under Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> System: You may find “Host Disconnected” error message
  • If you are seeing this type of error, this means you are getting disconnected from internet.

One of the common causes of this issue is using 3rd party program to boost internet speed. Please see if you can disable any 3rd party program and see if this resolves the issue. 


This is a list of currently known solutions that has been reported working for some players. We’ll keep updating this as more are confirmed. If you are still experiencing the issues after trying some of these steps, please contact CS team with following information to help us investigating this issue further.
Please visit https://support.nexon.net/hc/en-us
Submit a ticket with below information

  • Which steps above have been completed.
  • Country Where You Reside:
  • Server:
  • Your Internet Service Provider:
  • Wifi or Wired:
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