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Official Launch Registration Event

Q: How do I claim my registration rewards?
A: When MapleStory 2 officially launches, you will be able to claim your rewards through in-game mail. Rewards can be claimed only once per region, so please make sure that you do so with the correct character.


Q: Can the rewards be transferred?
A: The rewards are bound to the account they were claimed on, and cannot be transferred or traded to other characters or players.

Founder's Pack

Q: Will Founders be able to reserve their preferred character name?
A: All players, whether they have purchased a Founder's Pack or not, will be able to reserve a character name via Mushking Royale Pre-Season until Head Start begins on October 1st, 2018. After that point, only players with Founder's Packs, who have access to the Head Start, will be able to create characters until MapleStory 2 officially launches on October 10th, 2018.


Q: Can I purchase a Founder's Pack from any region?
A: MapleStory 2 is only available in these service regions. Players from outside our service region should not be able to purchase Founder's Packs, and if you do obtain a Founder's Pack while outside these service regions, you will not be able to download or play MapleStory 2.


Q: Can I upgrade my Founder's Pack?
A: You can choose to upgrade your Founder's Pack at any time before the sale of the Founder's Packs ends.


Q: When is the last day of Founder's Pack sales?
A: Founder's Packs will be available for purchase until MapleStory 2 officially launches.


Q: Can the Founder's Pack be purchased for another person or be gifted to someone else?
A: All contents of the Founder's Pack will only be distributed to the account it is purchased on. A gifting option isn't available and purchases cannot be granted to a different account.


Q: How many Founder's Packs can be purchased per account?
A: Only one Founder's Pack can be purchased per account. However, if you purchase the Explorer's Package or Master Package, you can choose to upgrade your Founder's Pack.


Q: Can I transfer the Founder's Pack to another account?
A: The Founder's Pack is tied to the account it is purchased on and cannot be transferred to another account.


Q: What type of payment methods can I use to purchase the Founder's Pack?
A: Founder's Packs can only be purchased with PayPal, Xsolla, Karma Koin, and a Credit Card. You will not be able to use existing NX to purchase the Founder's Pack. If you wish to use Karma Koin to purchase a Founder's Pack, you must redeem the Karma Koin at the Founder's Pack purchase page, and not redeem it beforehand.


Q: Are all items included in the Founder's Pack permanent?
A: The Premium Club Membership will be available for 30, 60, or 90 days based on the package purchased. The Founder's Daily Wonder must be activated by December 31st, 2018, and all items within must be claimed by 3:00 PM PST on January 31st, 2019. The rest of the items are permanent in the packages.


Q: What is the NX to Blue Meret ratio for MapleStory 2?
A: Each Blue Meret is worth 10 NX ($.01 USD). $1 USD will grant 1,000 NX. 1,000 NX will grant 100 Blue Merets.


Q: Is purchasing the Legendary Founder's Pack the only way to get the Founder's Daily Wonders?
A: This is a special and unique version of the Daily Wonders and can only be obtained through the purchase of this Founder's Pack.


Q: What are the Premium Club Membership benefits?
A: The Premium Club grants the following bonuses:

Unlimited Rotors Walkie-Talkies
+20% Monster Hunting EXP
+20% Mesos from monsters
-50% 1:1 Meso Trade Fee
-20% Black Market Item Trading Fee
-10% Ophelia Enchant Material
Access to the Remote Bank
Premium Club Dungeon and Premium Club Insignia
Party Buff Bonus
All party members get move speed +5% (excluding PvP)
All party members riding a ground mount get move speed +5%
Daily Bonus Items
Special White Potion x30


Q: Will you recieve a Founder's Pack on each server or only the first server you log into?
A: Starting from October 1st, 2018, the Founder's Pack items will be distributed to the first character logged in for each region. With Blue Merets, you can only choose one region to receive them. A popup will appear to ask you if you would like to accept these Merets in this region. If you do not choose to accept the Merets immediately, the popup will appear each time you relog into the client until you select a region.


Q: Do you have to login consecutively in order to get the Founder's Daily Wonders items?
A: No. If you miss a day, you can redeem that item the next day. It is counted as accumulated logins, but does not require consecutive logins. The Founder's Daily Wonder must be activated before Dec. 31, 2018 or else it will expire. Upon activation, you have until Jan. 31, 2019 to redeem all items.

Head Start

Q: How many character slots will be available?
A: You will have access to 6 character slots for free, with an additional 3 character slots purchasable with Merets.


Q: Can I still reserve my name during Head Start?
A: You will only be able to reserve your name until Head Start begins on October 1st. Those without Founder's Packs will no longer be able to reserve their name after that point, and must wait until the Official Launch on October 10th to create their characters.


Q: Will Mushking Royale be available during Head Start?
A: No. Mushking Royale's Pre-Season will end on October 1st, when the maintenance to launch Head Start begins. Mushking Royale will then go on hiatus until Season 1 is ready to begin.


Q: When will Mushking Royale be available again?
A: In order to make improvments to Mushking Royale and make it as high quality an experience as possible, without diverting much-needed development from the main game, Mushking Royale will remain on hiatus until we're ready for Season 1 to begin. Keep an eye out on the MapleStory 2 website for additional news to come in the future.


Q: What happens to my Royale Pass rewards? When can I claim them?
A: All Royale Pass rewards must be claimed from the Mushking Royale menu before the Pre-Season ends on October 1st. Any rewards that go unclaimed will not be rewarded after the fact.

Official Launch

Q: How many character slots will be available?
A: You will have access to 6 character slots for free, with an additional 3 character slots purchasable with Merets.


Q: Can I connect my Nexon Account to Steam in the future?
A: If you had created a Nexon account through Google or Facebook, then you will not be able to link to a Steam account. We encourage using e-mail address when creating a Nexon Account for compatibility with Steam in the future.

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