How do I create my own items?

Lead GM Cicada -

Creating your own item designs starts in the Maple Workshop. Click on the Maple Workshop icon in the bottom-right if your screen to begin.


The Maple Workshop window displays your current character on the left, and the various design templates on the right.

To begin, click on the type of item that you would like to design from the list of templates in the center. On the right are some default patterns that fit some items. If you want design your own, click on the "New" button to generate a blank template.

You can take this blank template into the art program of your choice to draw your design. Once completed, save your template into the MapleStory 2 Custom Equip folder. You can locate this folder by clicking on the "folder" icon within the Maple Workshop.


Click on your customized design to apply it to the selected template, and it will preview this item on your character. If you are satisfied, then name your design and create it to share.

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