What are Trophies?

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Trophies are rewards for completing various tasks throughout the MapleStory 2 world. These can vary from simple tasks, such as completing 100 quests, to more difficult tasks, like defeating 10,000 opponents in an arena.

The Trophy window can be opened by clicking on the Trophies button under the World Map menu, or with the default key "Y".


Trophies are divided into several sections, depending on how they can be obtained. Take a look at each section to find those that might be worth completing.

Certain trophies unlock dyes that can be used to dye clothing, or change your hair and eye color. Titles and another rewards can be obtained from certain trophies.

You can filter the Trophies that provided rewards by clicking the "Filter Rewards" button, and selecting the types of rewards that catch your interest.

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