What are Pets?

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Pets are faithful companions that will travel around the Maple world, providing you stat boosts, using potions, and other assistance.

The Pets window can be accessed from the menu by clicking on the "Pets" icon. It can also be opened with the default key "/"


Details about the currently active pet can be found here. The rarity and level of the pet are shown, as well as Exp progress towards next level, the Talents and abilities are also shown.



If you have multiple extra or duplicate pets, you can fuse them together to increase their Pet Level. Higher level pets provided a larger bonus based on their Talent.

The pets listed in the top area are those that can be fused. Once a Fusion target is selected, the bottom area will display other pets that can be used as Fusion Catalysts. Be careful when fusing as once a pet is used as a catalyst it will disappear from your inventory!


Pet Evolution

Certain Pets can be upgraded to the next tier of rarity when they reach the maximum level from Fusion. This will cause the pet's level to drop to 1, in exchange for granting improved stats and an additional talent!

Change Talents
Some pets provide Bonus Talents that further increase the boost they provided. If you don't like the bonuses available then you can change their talents. After changing their talents, you have the option of keeping the current talents, or selecting the new talents.



The Pet Album keeps track of how many unique pets you have obtained. Obtained pets will appear in color, while un-obtained pets are in gray. Moving your mouse-cursor over a pet will display useful information, such as where it can be found.


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