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Lead GM Cicada -

The Premium shop is located within the Meret Market. When you first enter the Meret Market, you will be shown the Home page. The tab to the left of the Home page will bring you to the home page for the Premium shop, which has a number of featured items.

On the left side of the Meret Market is a character preview for any Outfit items that you try on your character. You can also click the Model (M) button to switch the display to a blank character model. Buttons exist to remove all current items, reset to current items, or buy what is being previewed.


The Premium shop is divided into several sections for different types of items.

  • Functional - Various Expansion Coupons, Badges, and convenience items.
  • Lifestyle - Various musical instruments.

If you want to purchase an item from the Premium shop, simply click the price that is displayed. In next window, click on "Buy" to buy it for yourself, or click on "Gift" to buy the item for another person.

If you do not want to buy the item immediately, instead of clicking on the price, click on the "shopping cart" icon that appears when you mouse-over the item. This will place the item into your shopping cart to buy at another time.

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