NGS Update Errors

Lead GM Cicada -

If you are receiving either of the following error codes, then your NGS files may not have updated properly: E3010205 or E3010201

To resolve this, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the MS2 Black Cipher files from the Nexon America website.
  2. Navigate to the current Black Cipher folder for MapleStory 2.
    • Default locaton is C:\Nexon\Library\maplestory2\appdata\BlackCipher

  3. Unzip the newly downloaded Black Cipher files into the Your MapleStory 2 Black Cipher folder.
EC000703 EC000705 E2300103 E2300106 ticket_form_id_360000532152 Ticket_field_360022738511_value_nexon_launcher_tech_support
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