Mushking Royale

Senior GM Cicada -

Season Info
The current season and its duration are displayed under this section. When the season ends, points can no longer be gained and rewards are distributed.


There are two queue options available; Solo and Squad. Solo play pits every player for themselves, while Squad teams you in groups between 2-4 players.


Equipped Medals
There are specific medals unique to the Mushking Royale that can modify the appearance of your ground mount, glider, or spirit tail.


Royale Level
Your current level, and exp progression to the next level up. The higher your level, the more rewards become available for the Royale Pass.


Royale Pass
Any unlocked rewards can be recevied by clicking on the "Claim Rewards" button at the bottom of the Mushking Royale window. The Silver Royale Pass is available to all players. The Gold Royal Pass can be activated for 800 Merets.

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