How do I Tame monsters?

Senior GM Cicada -

Occasionally throughout the MapleStory 2 world, you may run across some hungry monsters. If you're kind enough to feed them, you might just be able to take home a new pet.

Speak with a Supply Merchant, such as Maya in Tria, to purchase Dryad Pet Candy. Feeding these candies to Hungry monsters will make them more docile and allow you to try taming them.

Once you begin feeding them, a yellow hunger bar will begin to fill up. Once full, the monster will become docile, and you can try your luck taming it using a Dryad Snare.

Dryad Snares can be crafted using the Leisure Life Skill. Toss down a Dryad Snare and give it a shot at taming the docile monster. With any luck, the monster will be tamed and placed into your Pet Inventory.

Note: You need to be level 50 or higher in order to capture a pet.

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