What is the Mushking Royale?

Senior GM Cicada -

The Mushking Royale is a battle arena for survival of the fittest. Whether you queue by yourself, or with a team of up to four, your ultimate goal is to defeat all other opponents to be the sole survivors. If this is your first time in the Mushking Royale, here are some things that you should expect to encounter:


Combat Abilities
Every Job is equal the Mushking Royale. What skills you have at your disposal depend on what you find in chests or from Sleepy Shrooms. Defeating other players will also drop their gathered items to take as your own.

Throwable Items
Scattered around the map are a variety of objects that can be thrown or pushed towards your enemies. These can include explosive fire bombs to spike ball traps.

MK 52 Prototype
The Mushking may announce the appearance of a giant robot that you can jump into and control. This time-limited weapon can help turn the tide in your favor.

Mushroom Watchtower
Great rewards may be found by the Mushroom Watchtowers. Beware, being in their radius sets off an alarm. The icons of these towers changes on your mini-map if a player is too close!

Scattered about you might find brown loot chests that contain valuable items. There may even be rare golden loot chests near the Mushroom Watchtowers.

Sleepy Shrooms
Populating the area are Sleepy Shrooms, defeat these to pick up items and abilities to help you become the Mushking victor.

Aside from yourself, you may encounter enemy players who are also battling to survive.

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