What is the purpose of Gear Score?

Senior GM Cicada -

Your Gear Score is a numerical value for the strength of your equipment. The better your gear, the higher your Gear Score will be. Some dungeons have minimum Gear Score requirements to enter.

Each item will display their Gear Score value within the item description. Higher rarity items typically have a higher Gear Score associated with them.

For characters that Dual-Wield, only the weapon with the highest Gear Score of the two will be calculated.

Items that can be enchanted can further have their Gear Scores improved. The higher rank the Enchant, the larger the bonus to Gear Score is provided.


Your current Gear Score is displayed in your Character window (default key: P). Strengthen your items to raise your score even higher!

Note: Off-hand items, such as Shields and Codices will not contribute to your character Gear Score. These items will still have a Gear Score value to give an estimate to their strength.

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