How do I change the Attributes of my items?

Lead GM Cicada -

Have you found yourself a very powerful item, but the bonuses aren't quite suited for you? Luckily, you can re-roll the Attributes of most items.

From within your Inventory, click on the "Change Attributes" button to begin speaking with Ophelia.

You can only change Attributes for items that have a Required Level of 50 or above.

Note: Not all items can have their Attributes changed. Eligible items will display the text "Can Change Bonus Attributes" within the item details.

Click on the item that you would like to re-roll Attributes for to begin. Certain resources will be required to perform the reroll, The quantities and types will be displayed.

If you do not want to change all Attributes, you can click on the small "lock" icon next to the Attribute to prevent it from being re-rolled.

Clicking on "Change Attributes" will provide you with a new set of bonuses to select. You can choose to keep the current bonuses, or select to apply the new bonuses to the item by clicking on the "Apply Attributes" button.

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