What is the Black Market?

Lead GM Cicada -

The Black Market is the spot for buying and selling your items. Looking for something specific, even down to the Attribute bonuses? Then check out the Black Market to see if anyone is selling what you need.

You can find the Black Market from the Life Skill menu in the bottom-right of your screen. Click on "Black Market" to begin.


From the Search section, you can look for items by their Name, Type, Job, Level requirement, and Quality. In the Additional Options, you can look for items with specific Attributes, such as Luck, Magic Attack, or Bonus Boss Damage.


If you have your own item to sell, you can list it under the List section. Items placed for sale are listed for 2 days.

A Black Market Operations Notice is displayed before listing an item. The full notice can be found here.

When an item is sold, the Mesos are sent to you via in-game mail. Items purchased are sent to the buyer via in-game mail as well.

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