How do I Enchant my items?

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Enchanting your items can give your character the much needed boost in strength to defeat bosses and claim their loot. So how do you Enchant items?

From within your inventory, click on the "Enchant Items" button to start. There are two methods of Enchanting your items; you can enchant with Ophelia which uses less materials, but does not guarantee success, or you can enchant with Peachy which uses more materials, but will always succeed.

You can only enchant items that have a Required Level of 20 or above.

Note: Not all items can be Enchanted. Eligible items will display the text "Can Be Enchanted" within the item details.


Feeling Lucky? - Enchanting with Ophelia

When you Enchant with Ophelia, each attempt has the potential to increase the Enchant level of the item. There is a fixed success chance for each level of the item. The higher the Enchant level, the lower the success chance.

There are also Enchantment Charges that are gained each time an Enchant fails for an item. These charges can be used to increase the success chance for that item.

Note: Spent enchantment charges will be consumed regardless of whether or not the enchant succeeds.


Slow and Steady - Enchanting with Peachy

When you Enchant with Peachy, you will always succeed in Enchanting an item. However, higher levels of Enchanting may require multiple steps to complete. The progress bar for success is displayed below the name of the item being Enchanted.

Note: Any Enchanting Experience gained with Peachy will be lost if you attempt to enchant with Ophelia!

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