What are all these Map functions?

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The map in MapleStory 2 has lots of useful functions, many of which are covered here.

Explored areas of the map are displayed in color, while un-explored areas are in gray. Clicking on an area will provide you with some general information about that location on the right-side of the World Map window.

Displayed information includes fishing requirements, any bosses that spawn, monsters that appear, NPCs located there, and any map connections that you can travel through. You can even search for a specific map name, NPC, monster, or boss!

If that area has a discovered Taxi Stop, then a taxi icon will be visible.

At the top of the map are several views that can help guide you where you want to go.

Default - The default view shows the map, and its icons. Crazy right?
Hot Spots - This view gives you an idea where other players are gathered.
Quest Areas - Shows where you might find useful quest locations.
Recommended Hunting Grounds - Not sure where to find things around your level? This view shows you!
Recommended Fishing Spots - Trying to fill your Fishing Album? Use this view to spot fishing locations around your level.
World Map Settings - There are two functions within these settings:

  • Quests Near Your Level - Shows all quests around your current level.
  • Dungeons Near Your Level - Hides dungeon icons that are outside your level range.

Your overall Exploration Progress is also tracked on the left side of the map. The current amount of Exploration Stars is displayed against the total number of stars available. A more detailed guide for Exploration can be found on this article.

You can also utilize the Rotors Air Taxi service from the map to travel. A guide on the Rotors Air Taxi service is available in this article.

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