UGC Content User Rules and Legal Notice

Lead GM Cicada -

Users can create and public UGC (User Generated Content) within the service provided by MapleStory 2. However, UGC must be created while adhering to the operating policy. Upon violation, the UGC can be edited, deleted, or taken down without any warning.

1) Users can freely create/publish UGC within the game. The applicable template and content belong to the user who created them. However, the intellectual property rights and copyright in regards to the pattern item, the pattern item with the template applied, and the music scores belong to MapleStory 2 (This does not apply if the applicable template and content infringe on the rights of a third party). MapleStory 2 has the right to reuse, disclose, and send the pattern item with the template applied, and the music scores.

2) The UGC published by the user can be displayed to anyone inside or outside the game, and can be copied and saved as screenshots by other people as well.

3) To use UGC properly, please comply with the rules shown below.
-Users cannot create UGC that infringes on the rights of other parties (rights which include but are not limited to copyright, trademark, portrait, intellectual property, personal information and privacy). MapleStory 2 reserves the right to delete or hide any UGC it deems as infringement on such rights.
-Users cannot create/publish/use any UGC that displays obscenity, hatred, slander, radical political leanings, etc. which violate the operating policy. MapleStory 2 reserves the right to delete or hide anything that is deemed as a violation of the operating policy.
-Upon the editing, deletion, or take down of UGC due to a violation of the policy, the game currency used (Meso, Meret, etc.) will not be returned.

4) MapleStory 2 reserves the right to restrict the game's services to users who produce, post, or use UGC that violates the operating policy.

5) Users can earn up to 100,000 Merets in one month from the Design Shop
-To provide opportunities for more users, the amount you earn per month is restricted per account.

*MapleStory 2 is working to prevent the infringement of the rights of all users. Upon an infringement of rights, please contact us through the Copyright Infringement Notification Center.


For more information, please visit the User Generated Content Policy on the Nexon America website here:

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