How can I change my face expression?

Lead GM Cicada -

Want to express yourself, but your face doesn't quite match? Head over to Tria Plastic Surgery to give yourself a new look.

You can change your facial expression and eye color at the Plastic Surgery office. To enter the Plastic Surgery Office, click on the "Plastic Surgery Office" icon from the Life Skill menu in the bottom-right of your screen.

Speak with Doctor Dixon to choose your new face.

While in the Plastic Surgery Office, your current face will be displayed with a red box with the word "MY" in the top-left.

Selecting a different face will preview this on your character. You can also select a pupil color to go along with your new look.

Note: Not all faces allow you to change your pupil color, and some faces only change one pupil color.

Once you found the look that suits you, click on "Change" to finalize the adjustment of your character.

Several colors can also be unlock by completing various Achievements. You can move your mouse cursor over the color for the name of the Achievement that must be earned to unlock.


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