How can I dye my outfits?

Lead GM Cicada -

Like your outfit, but not your colors? Head over to the Dye Workshop to see what you can do.

You can dye outfits in Douglas Dye Workshop. To enter the Dye Workshop, click on the "Dye Workshop" icon from the Life Skill menu in the bottom-right of your screen.

Speak with Douglas to begin the dye process.

While in the dye menu, all items that can be dyed will be displayed in the Item Select window. Click on the item you want to dye, and the color to preview the item on your character.

If you like the new choice, click on "Add to Cart" to save the new color for purchase. You can continue dying other items, or click on "Purchase" to finalize the color change.

You can also return the color to its current default color by clicking on the "Default" button.

While the item is in your cart you can click on the [X] if you decide you want to try a different color.

Several dyes can also be unlock by completing various Achievements. You can move your mouse cursor over the color for the name of the Achievement that must be earned to unlock.

Note: Not all items can be dyed. Those that can be dyed will display their current color, at the bottom of the item description.

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