End of the Closed Beta Test

Senior GM Cicada -

The MapleStory 2 Closed Beta has since concluded. It will no longer be possible to log in and play. We thank you for your assistance and participation in this Beta Test.

Should you have any suggestions, or any feedback that you would like to share, we urge you to visit the MapleStory 2 Official Forums so that you may provide us with this information. Several threads have been created for specific topics:

Overall Game Impressions
Dungeons and Raids
Character and Level Progression (Leveling, Skill, Equipment, Stats)
Questing and Achievements
Character Customization
UGC Designs
Equipment Enchanting
Life Skills (Gathering, Crafting, Leisure)
Side Activities (Mini Games, Fishing, Music Performance, Socializing, etc.)

As all feedback is being reviewed to improve and polish MapleStory 2, please keep an eye on our social media feeds to receive the latest news.

Also, everyone that was accepted in this Closed Beta will automatically qualify for any additional beta tests. 

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