How to take a screenshot in Windows

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    1. Capture the image. Press the Print Screen <PrtScn> key to capture a screenshot of your entire desktop. You may take a screenshot of the active window by pressing <Alt> + <PrtScn>. There will be no noise or any other indication the screenshot was taken, but the resulting image will be saved as a PNG file to the computer's clipboard.

    2. Open Paint: In Windows 7, click the Start menu, navigate to the Accessories folder and click Paint.  In Windows 8, press the Windows key to open the start screen. Click the down arrow in the bottom left, or press <Ctrl> + <Tab>, or swipe downward from the center of the display to access the "Apps View". From there, select Paint.  In Windows 10, you can open the Start menu, go to All Apps, and scroll through the alphabetical list until you find paint. Alternatively, you may use "Windows Search" (Start Button or <Ctrl>+<R>) and type "Paint".

    3. Paste the screenshot. Once the paint program is open, you can either click the Paste button in the upper-left corner of the program, or click on the Edit menu then select Paste, or press <Ctrl> + <V> on the keyboard to paste your screenshot.

    4. Save the screenshot. Perform any edits you want, click the main File option in the top-left corner. Afterward, select Save as, title the new file, choose a save location, and select your desired file format from the drop-down menu. Click the gray Save button in the bottom right-hand corner when finished.

    Additionally, each game has built in features that automatically capture screenshots while in game and save them to specific locations. They are as follows:

    • Mabinogi – Press the Print Screen <PrtScn> key. The screenshot folder is located in your computer's "Documents" folder.
    • MapleStory – Press the Scroll Lock key.  The screenshots save to the game's installation folder.
    • MapleStory 2 – Press the Print Screen <PrtScn> key. The screenshot folder is located in your computer's "Documents" folder.
    • Vindictus – Press the Print Screen <PrtScn> key. The screenshot folder is located in your computer's "Documents" folder.

    To attach a Screenshot file in a support ticket, use the "attachments" section while submitting your ticket. Click the "Add File or drop files here" button, then navigate to the folder where you saved the screenshot file. Select the file, then click on the "Open" button. The file has successfully been attached to the ticket when you see the file name below the "Attachments" section.

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